Back to the Basics

Last night, I completed my fourth session with Harry.  Each time is a little harder and I’ve been exhausted after but not sore.  Most of the work is surrounding engaging my core – abs, glutes – and strengthening surrounding areas like lower back and hamstrings – working our way down.  The idea, I’m told, is to keep the core doing most of the work, but engage other muscles to work in tandem.  This will supposedly reduce pressure on joints and knees.  After each workout, whether I feel good or not after (it’s not the same accomplished feeling for me as running), I come away learning something about human anatomy and kinetics.  And it all makes sense – I guess I am lucky I remember my physics lessons in levers and gears and motion.  The exercises for each side (left vs. right) are done separately to work each side independently.  Whichever side is the weakest gets an extra set of whatever exercise we are doing.  The goal is to even the strength out and achieve balance so one side isn’t over-compensating for the other.  Additionally, stretching hip flexors, hamstrings, and the Achilles tendon are things I am to do on my own every day.  Some of the exercises I’ve done are pictured on his website under Balance Training, Core Training and Corrective Exercise.

So this morning, after a heavy abs, obliques and glutes workout last night, I’m feeling soreness.  But not the “I can’t walk” or “I am walking like Alice after the mule ride” from the Grand Canyon episode of “The Brady Bunch”.  I just feel fatigued.  But my legs feel lighter and easier to move.  So that means it’s working! (At least I hope so….)

During each exercise, Harry explains what it does and why I’m doing it and how it pertains to my running.  And while he won’t be able to straighten me out 100% due to scoliosis, and I will likely still pronate for a very long time, I am going to be injury free.  Not that this information is anything new…..But that makes me wonder:  Why is it that in almost every Facebook Running Group I’m in, where we’re discussing races and training and other issues, that everyone is only interested in mileage, and that there are so many people with a torn meniscus or twisted ankle or whatever?  I mean, the majority of running injuries such as these can be prevented by strengthening yourself and having balance (not that I have that much yet!) so you can support your running?

Next week, as part of a session, I will run with Harry and he will then let me know if I’m ready to start on the training schedule…….Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Back to the Basics

    1. It’s expensive, however, due to the injuries I’ve encountered and the medical issues of bad cholesterol ratios and high blood pressure (bad genetics), exercise is a necessity. This was really the only smart way I can make it that distance or even continue doing the 13.1 distance. I hope that whatever my experience is, that sharing helps others who may be similar even if it’s just to look up specific exercises and do it on their own. Likely, you are not as off balance as I am…..


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