Baby Steps

It’s been a week and a half since my last post, which was official “Day 1” of training.  Unfortunately, my second run wasn’t quite as good as the first.  I was sore from focusing on form and felt like I didn’t even know how to walk anymore.  After another grueling session with Harry, he said I was too focused and too worried.  That yes, I do need to pay attention, but not at the risk of doing something unnaturally, and getting injured.  I got up early July 4th for the first “long run” – still at the beginning of training so it was only 3 miles, but based on achieving a distance as opposed to “short runs” which are time based for me – and did great despite the heat.  The next part of the day was the weekly grocery trip – all fruits, veggies and protein.  No junk, nothing bad, nothing processed (nothing fun).  I was on a roll.

Remember when I said distance running was primarily mental?  Well, the mental training I’ve been doing fell apart when I was perusing Facebook running groups and reading other articles.  I let some of the comments get to me…..Things like “I don’t know why you have to do more than 20 miles to train” and “Why are your runs so short during the week?”.  These comments were made to others using similar training plans as I was – those of us who interval and are slower.  So I started wondering and researching.  How do I know what’s right for me?  How long will it really take me on a Saturday to do 20, 23, 26 mile training runs?  Should I add a day in?  And then “OMG, what am I THINKING, I can’t do this!!!  This is for REAL runners!”  That’s when I posted in our first timers group and found out we are all struggling with this.  First timers and newbies can be the most understanding, nonjudgmental support group you can have for a first time.  Just the number of “you can do its” can make a huge dent in changing the mental state, even though these people are virtual strangers – well, they are virtual friends, and virtually strangers.

But something was still bugging me….My knees.  I went for my session on Monday, and despite all the icing I’ve been doing, I’m still having a lot of inflammation.  While doing bridges and planks, I asked Harry what he thought for training.  He called down one of his employees, Jerome, who is a running coach.  Jerome, I found out, switched from running in full to running intervals about 20 years ago and is a believer in the Galloway running technique.  He reminded me that the distance is what counts for the work, so if you interval and are slower like I am, the training plan I’m using is fine and the longer distances should be attempted so you get used to the fatigue.  If I was faster or wanted to race for a time instead of merely finishing upright, then maybe I would use another plan.  But given my goals, my pace, and my knees, my gut instinct to use the Galloway plan was likely correct.  Phew.  That is the best part about working with Harry….His team is around while I’m there to answer questions about their areas of expertise.

After, the workout, I spent 10 minutes hooked up for electro therapy on my knees.  I had never had that done before.  At first I was nervous because I had no idea what it would feel like and the sensation was a little strange.  But after getting used to the vibrations it was fine.  Then once at home I had to keep ice on for about 30 minutes.  Well, miracle!  I did not feel anything stiff or bruised or painful for two days!  Started to feel a little soreness yesterday and ended up having to take an extra rest day with ice.

Tomorrow rounds out week 2 of training.  We have 26 more weeks of training until this race.  Six months to the day today.  A lot of prepping to do, like making flight and hotel reservations, dining reservations and planning my stay at the most magical place on earth.  All just a part of running my running life.


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3 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. You’ll get there, and things will come together. It may be a long road, but it will come and it will be worth it. By any chance, are you part of the Facebook group Team #runDisney?


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