Happy Birthday to Me: Closing Out Week 6

The past two weeks of running have been fairly successful.  I am wanting to run more, but am keeping it slow at my 1:00/0:30 intervals.  This is training to avoid temptation so I don’t go out too fast in January.

Jeff Galloway had a post on his Instagram account:

“Your strongest muscle and your worst enemy is your mind.  Train it well.”

I am trying…..At times, I get feedback when people realize all the work I have to do just to be able to run at all – overcoming structural issues and health concerns.  And then someone brings me down with a “Are you running straight yet?”  No, I’m not ever going to run without intervals, and for the life of me I do not understand why anyone besides me would care about what I’m doing.  I need to protect my knees, my joints, and asthma.

This past week was my birthday week, which started with a training run followed by a healthy brunch and ice on my knees.  The next day was an 11 mile day of walking at Disneyland….After all, how do you combat getting older other than acting like a kid?  That trip was also a great planning trip as this week I also lucked into a last minute Disneyland Half Marathon bib over Labor Day Weekend.  That weekend is scheduled to be a 12 mile run on my training schedule – so why not get the diamond spinner medal to commemorate the 10th anniversary of that race and the 60th celebration of Disneyland itself??  So a bib obtained, and outfit planned.  Half the fun of planning for a Disney race is planning the outfit or costume.  This race will be all about the Diamond Celebration at the park for me.  Think bling.  Think ears.

The rest of the week rounded out with some dinners with friends and a visit from one of my oldest friends who I’ve known for 29 years!  She is also a runner and has been since our 20s.  Back then, I didn’t realize how much of a big deal finishing a race was.  She did one in Philadelphia one year, and I missed taking her picture at the finish.  At the time, I didn’t understand – I thought that if you went out and did this stuff, it was because it was easy for you.  I had no clue.  Since I’ve started participating in races, I’ve apologized and tried to make up for it.  The thing about my friend, is she is encouraging.  She is an athlete.  But she continuously tells me how proud she is of me for getting out there and challenging myself, and overcoming all the obstacles I face.  And now, when she has business in town, she stays near me so we can run together in the mornings.  So the week ended with a 7 mile run with her – to which she said about my intervals, “No blonde left behind.”  This was the first time ever I had run more than 3 miles with no music.  I didn’t need it.  She chatted the entire time and we reminisced about the various cities I’ve lived in and the races she’s done in them.  The fact that I was able to concentrate on what she was saying and actually respond, just showed me that the mind is the journey.  I didn’t have time to even think I couldn’t finish.  My bonus is that she, too, will be at Disney come January, and will be waiting for me at the finish.

During this long run, I am starting to test different fuel to see what I can stomach during running.  For a half marathon, typically I have eaten one Clif Shot (only in vanilla, please) around mile 8.  During the full, I know I will need more, and need to start earlier.  This weekend was a peanut butter packet experiment.  The peanut butter got too warm in my pocket and was pure liquid when I opened the packet, getting everywhere.  Nothing worse than wasting water to clean hands instead of hydrating!

Coming up this week:  more running, more corrective exercise, the arrival of my own TENS machine so I can manage my knee circulation, and shopping for a hydration pack as the longer distances approach quickly.

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