20 Eve

Tomorrow marks another milestone in my training for the full marathon. The mileage on the calendar is 20. Yes, 20. For many training plans, the long runs never exceed 20 to train, so I know that, despite having two additional longer runs after this weekend, this is extremely far.

I’m super nervous about going out there. First, I’m doing it solo. It’s not like I NEED company, although chatting with someone does make the time go by faster. It’s more like I’m a little scared that I won’t hold up well. Last week, one of my Firstie friends did his 20, and managed to run up the coast from his house to mine, grab lunch, and Uber home. He said he felt fine, and just took it slow after being off for a few weeks due to illness.

Preparation has been going on all week. First up was a doctor appointment, where my breathing was checked (I have exercise induced asthma), as well as various supplements I wanted to try. The normal bloodwork was done, but he added some additional levels to check in terms of potassium, magnesium, and calcium, to ensure that I was prepped for my run, so I wouldn’t be at a deficit even with the supplements I plan to take. I’m very lucky to have a doctor who is supporting my journey.

Also, my carb cycling weight loss has plateaued. So this week I did what is known as a sling shot, where it’s a high carb plan all 7 days. I figured that this week would be a good week, given the need for carb loading for the weekend run.

The actual run planning started about 2 days ago with me mapping out a route to keep me sort of close to home. I’m very lucky that my neighborhood is very small, but has a lot of streets and walkways that I can run up and down and effectively get 8 miles in (up and back) with a maximum distance of a mile and half from home. I am planning to run out 6 and back into the next town, knowing 12 is ok, and then take that extra 8 near me. I’m also trying to figure out what time should I start? I’m going to assume I need roughly five hours, so I’ll plan for five and a half. A few weeks ago, starting at 6 am was great…still dark and cool out. But now with the time change and it getting light earlier, should I aim for 5:00 or 5:30? Plus I want to get done before it’s too crowded with people letting their dogs run amok. Not that I don’t like animals, I mean I have two of my own, I just don’t like owners who don’t watch their packs – last week a Chihuahua baring teeth came after me because the owner refused to retract her leash. Sigh.

Fuel planning? Piece of cake. I will use my vanilla waffle, and two Untapped syrups, and a gel along with the candy corn I am hoarding every 2 miles. Of course, I’ll use my Camelbak with water and have two bottles with electrolytes. I will also be trying SportsLegs, a supplement that prevents lactic acid build up.

Long Run Fuel
Long Run Fuel

All that’s left for me to do tonight is to package up the fuel and fill my hydration pack. I also need to download some additional music for the run – my current play list is only three and half hours, so slowly building it to six or seven by January. My running music is completely different than what I’d listen to in “real life”. Mostly songs I don’t know with explicit lyrics so I have to concentrate on what they are saying – that’s how I stay distracted. And a good beat. Thank you, Nikki and Jay-Z.

Off to breathe, and hydrate. Gotta run!

Post script:  Received a text from my running friend who did the 17 miles with me with advice:  “Just remember, one foot in front of the other and keep going!”.  I’ve got this.  

5 thoughts on “20 Eve

  1. I remember my first 20 miler like it was yesterday! (Okay, I mean it might as well have been just yesterday since my first marathon was just a month ago.) Finishing that run (and any other “first longest run ever”) was the best feeling in the world. You’ve got it!

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