PS aka Post Splat

I haven’t been diligent about doing my entries for various reasons.  Let’s start with the splat.  It wasn’t broken when we last left our heroine (me!) but the next day, I get a call from Urgent Care saying the radiologist said it was fractured and I needed to see an orthopedist right away.  So off, I went, where they took new x-rays and could not find the fracture, but gave me a brace for support to keep me from using my two damaged fingers.

In addition to having the brace and my left hand immobile for typing, I also developed a sinus infection.  One which lasted three weeks.  Needless to say, if I wasn’t working, I was sleeping.  I even missed my 10K in the Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run, due to the all-night session of coughing that started up the night before.

Fast forward to December 19th.  That was to be my last super long run before the taper.  The calendar had me at 26, but as I had splatted just short of 20, I thought I should probably pull back and aim for the missed 23, and perhaps walk the last three if I was feeling okay.  So I taped my hand, and off I went.

By now I had my fuel down and knew when I’d need my inhaler to avoid some of the issues and set out to run the strand.  As I exited my neighborhood, I hear a shout of “Go runDisney”.  I see a woman in a sparkly visor (one which I own and is sold by Sparkle Athletic, a regular vendor at the runDisney expos.  So I wave, and yell, “Three weeks until the full,” and she yells back that I am crazy.  She is right.

Around mile 8, I pass a man in an Avengers Half Marathon shirt.  So I wave, and say, “Hey!  I did that race.”  He responds by saying he is also training for the full.  So we both say see you at the race and move on.  I make it up to where the path leaves the beach and decide to turn around and just do whatever extra mileage is needed in my neighborhood to the best of my ability.

Around mile 16, I start feeling the stitch forming in my side.  So I begin to walk and try to slow my breathing.  No go.  I’m tired.  I’m coughing.  I sip from my hydration pack and nearly drown due to coughing.  Nice.  But I kept going.

Mile 19, I passed the Avengers guy again.  He asks if I’m almost done, so I said 19 out of 23.  He was only going for 20.  This is a first for both of us I think, but I don’t think he’s a #Firstie.

Mile 20, still walking…..past the splat marker.  Phew.  I’m safe.  Well, safe in the sense that I don’t have to obsess about it anymore.  But I do realize that it was a step up and that I may not have hit it wrong, I might have just been so fatigued that my legs weren’t lifting high enough.  Note to self:  do more bicycles.

Mile 21, I start running again to see if I can.  Run, walk, run walk.  I’m doing it!  I make it to mile 23 and decide to pack it in and run home.  I end up completing 24 that day. I am proud.  But I am also hurting.

A long, hot shower.  Ice.  And I get dressed for a friend’s holiday party.  Thankfully, it was early so I didn’t have time to really sit down except to eat.  I’m dressed in my holiday attire and Oofos.  Good thing I got a pedicure!

I make it for a few hours before leaving early and passing out for the night.

Still sore, the next day, I look, and see my ankles are completely swollen.  So I head to cryotherapy where Harry does my session.  Within 24 hours, I’m back to normal and ready to keep going.  I rest and do a 6 mile run on Saturday.  This weekend was 7.  Now it’s just 7 days until goal.

Gotta run!

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