3 Months to go and we’re almost halfway there……

Since my last update, I have returned to working out with Harry.  I just went in and told him I needed help, and he said of course he’d take me back.  He didn’t comment on weight gain or anything else that was off when I set up my schedule with him.  I was so humiliated to have fallen so far.  And I told him.  But he let me know that I did it once, and my muscles would have some memory and while it wouldn’t happen overnight, it would be faster than the first time, especially because I know what to do.  And he was right.

Working out core at least twice a week for an hour, and then an extra day with just bridges and ab work have helped.  I’m trying to get better at consistent foam rolling and stretching to avoid the hamstring tightness and the other issues I still feel.

I wasn’t ready at Tinkerbell.  It was a total bust.  I walked the 5K as planned.  And the 10K had a little more running than planned.  But the half, I didn’t make it out of the parks before I was walking.  I was in so much pain.  I kept going though, and told myself this is mental training for Dopey.  You can do this.  It’s the same as you felt during the full at the end.  Just go.  And I did.  Crossed the finish line.  After that, I became all business – clean eating for the most part, carb cycling to lose the weight, and a month off before running again.  I got new shoes, I figured out my football game day schedule as to not miss hanging with my team due to back to back runs, and figured out the Dopey Training Schedule.

In June, I joined the IG Challenge from #RunningWithTheCoolKids #WeRunSocial and did a mile every day.  Some days were a run to break in shoes.  Others were a walk.  I did a mile every that month, and it didn’t hurt.  I was ready to start training which officially began in July.

Each time my distance increases, I panic a little.  Will I feel that glut pain?  Will it hurt?   I mean I know it won’t be painful – but I don’t want to feel any discomfort – I want to know I can finish.  As part of the training I signed up again for the Disneyland Half Marathon.  It was an 11 mile week, so I figured walk the last two and I’m fine.  No goals on time.  Just to get to mile 11 where some Facebook people would be cheering as #Andy’sRoom.

Come Race Day, it was hot.  We had a heat wave and excessive humidity.  I decided to slow my pace down to marathon pace of 30/30 which I hadn’t needed to do until the 17 mile week.  I hydrated all week.  I fueled like a marathon.  I did everything right.   It was miserable.  But I felt good considering and had so much fun with one of my running friends, who is also a CES, and has helped me tremendously either confirming what Harry says or pointing out additional things I can do to help.   We didn’t even end up running all of the 30/30.  It was too humid and being from Arizona, Camie had some breathing issues so we did some extra walking.  I didn’t mind as that was being cautious.  We finally hit mile 11.  Got some pie and a jello shot (#SIL or “suck it losers as it’s said in Not #TrD).  Goal met.  We walked the rest of the way and ran down the finisher chute for pics.  I drank all my water right away.  But suddenly started to feel nauseous.  Heat exhaustion set in.  I quickly went to medical triage where my vitals were checked and I was given ice and wet towels in the air conditioning to recover.  I was nowhere near as bad as some of the other runners.  I think the mistake I made was not pouring the water over my head.  I poured it on me, but not the top of my head.  Using this as a lesson for the marathon.

So here I am….on Wednesday, right before it’s getting real.  First back to back run is this weekend with 4 miles the first day and 13 the second.  My race strategy is to walk as much as I can for all the races except the marathon and so I plan to train that way.  Will be back to updating regularly now that I’m in the thick of it……Gotta run!

Addendum:  Today had a session with Harry.  Since I’m doing training distances tomorrow and Saturday, I don’t want to run 3 days in a row just yet.  So later will be attempting 30 minutes on the elliptical….My Achilles heel – because my gait doesn’t match it is so much harder on me than running.  And I’m to text proof.  Will keep you posted!

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