Thank you notes

When I was a little girl and received gifts, the first thing I had to do before even thinking about using them was write thank you notes.  Something my parents ingrained in me early on.  While today things have changed in the way we communicate, I still always try to acknowledge gifts whether it be by email, text or phone call….or even an old fashioned thank you note. 

Last weekend, despite the smoke and air quality in SoCal, I managed to follow my physical therapist’s  plan, and ran :30/:30 intervals for 2 miles and then continued walking another 5 to reach my 7 mile goal.  No aches.  No issues.  A little glute soreness but that happens when walking more than I’m used to and trying to maintain a pace.  I reported back to him and he was pleased.  I am able to continue on training….and that’s big.  For tomorrow I start the mini Dopey or Dopey simulation II (I missed I).  This is the week.  The goal.  The one Jeff Galloway said to walk.  And I’m here with a plan:  walk 45 minutes or 3 miles day 1 (whichever is less), walk 5 miles day 2, run/walk 12 miles using the :10/1:00 intervals as planned for day 3 as it’s mainly walking, and do :30/:30 intervals for 2 miles, walk the :10/:30 for 5 and repeat until I’ve hit 26.  As long as it doesn’t hurt.  Fingers crossed….. 

Now what does this have to do with writing thank you notes?   Well, while I was walking back during my 7 miler on Sunday, I just kept thinking “Thank you.  Thank you for not making me hurt.  Thank you for my hope that I will finish this.”  I was so grateful to be moving again.  But who am I thanking……?  It’s like this: 

  • Thank you to the volunteer PT at Thor 10k who understood, told me what to do until I could see the doctor. 
  • Thank you to my crazy running friend and even crazier mom who rushed to comfort me at medical.  Thank you crazy friend for texting me periodically, just to ask how I’m doing.  It means a lot to me that you care and are still going to make this trip most epic, no matter what happens. 
  • Thank you running buddy and sister for hanging at brunch post 10k so I wasn’t crying in my hotel room, but instead basking in the character pics and Mickey waffles and pancakes.  I know you are hurting too. 
  • Thank you Jeff Galloway for the tips and alternate plan. 
  • Thank you Mom, Dad and little sister.  And nephews.  You not letting me walk at all for the few days I was there, getting me food and tea, and letting me use the recliner (Dad – I know how hard it was for you to see someone in your chair) was a big part of being able to recover faster. 
  • Thank you race friend and roomie for your support as I try to figure out whether to cancel or not before deadline.  I know you had a tough decision and it was not my intent to be all about me.  But you let it be for a bit and you’re still coming to play and support me during the race.  I can’t wait to see you again.  But we will need to figure out a different race when you’re healed as we still haven’t actually run together.  I will miss you during the 5K.
  • Thank you staff at Summer’s and Redskins friends who gave me the extra bar stool when needed and kept me supplied in ice so I could watch the game. images.jpeg
  • Thank you #Firsties – for the new:  While I’m supporting you in your new endeavor and training and telling you it’s normal, you have asked about me and worried about me when it really should be all about you.  For the returning:  you’ve also shown me tremendous support. 
  • Thank you injured Marathon and Dopey runners – the support of one another will get us through.  And while I don’t wish you harm, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in my feelings and fears and look forward to seeing you on the course. 
  • Thank you to the royal seamstress….For my Dopey skirt.  And thank you for the other running people who have done shirts for me.  Just looking at all of these items reminds me of my goal daily.  And guilts me into doing my PT. 
  • Thank you corral buddy – you are an inspiration with the pain you’ve been suffering since our time at Surf City.  And yet you did Honolulu.  Champagne at the finish and on the boat.  And thank you for my surprises that I don’t know about.  ♥♥♥ It’s giving me non running things to look forward to. 
  • Thank you silly Canadian.  You too are hurting.  We go back and forth.  But the brainstorming of plans of possible drunken debauchery during the race has been fun and distracting.  And gives me a purpose for crossing that start.  Although with my new plan (see above), we may not need it. 
  • Thank you to my team of professionals who are supporting and understanding my need to do this.  But yet injecting realness into this process. 
  • Thank you friends, who have supported my not hanging out, or hanging out spur of the moment when I’ve needed it.  Helping me forget.  Or helping me talk through it.  Or helping me overcome other fears. 

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” – Hubert H. Humphrey 

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