Under Pressure

Week 4 of training just came to an end.  I missed another run due to work and other things in the way, but managed to complete the “long run” of 5.5 miles yesterday.     The past two weeks have left me feeling extremely defeated.  The weather has been more humid than normal for SoCal, … More Under Pressure

Learning to Run Again

Most of you out there, and I’m seriously jealous, know how to run.  And I know you’re thinking, “What’s to learn?  Just move your feet.”  Except if you’re me.  Remember when I said I run “like a girl”?  Well, I mean the stereotype that was featured in one of those Super Bowl ads (yes, I’m … More Learning to Run Again

Back to the Basics

Last night, I completed my fourth session with Harry.  Each time is a little harder and I’ve been exhausted after but not sore.  Most of the work is surrounding engaging my core – abs, glutes – and strengthening surrounding areas like lower back and hamstrings – working our way down.  The idea, I’m told, is to … More Back to the Basics