Pre-Race Fun

Pre-Race – Arrival and Expo On Wednesday, I left the comfort of Southern California for the humidity of Florida – and possibly some rain during race day.  Weather all over the country caused major flight delays which means instead of arriving in time for dinner at 6:30, I didn’t arrive to the resort until after … More Pre-Race Fun

The Rollercoaster

This past week has been a complete roller-coaster of joy (training is over) and panic and fear given the race is days away. Last week, during my session with Harry, I was unable to complete some of the core exercises.  I am still having balance issues and it’s so frustrating to be almost there, get … More The Rollercoaster

PS aka Post Splat

I haven’t been diligent about doing my entries for various reasons.  Let’s start with the splat.  It wasn’t broken when we last left our heroine (me!) but the next day, I get a call from Urgent Care saying the radiologist said it was fractured and I needed to see an orthopedist right away.  So off, … More PS aka Post Splat

Week 10: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” (Walt Disney)

Two weeks ago, I received my inserts/orthotics from the podiatrist to assist with my realignment. I believe I mentioned earlier that my feet didn’t form properly and my family and I now refer to them as my “Neanderthal feet”, but ok. The break in period is tough – you wear them for one hour the … More Week 10: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” (Walt Disney)

Under Pressure

Week 4 of training just came to an end.  I missed another run due to work and other things in the way, but managed to complete the “long run” of 5.5 miles yesterday.     The past two weeks have left me feeling extremely defeated.  The weather has been more humid than normal for SoCal, … More Under Pressure